AGM 2023

Lanark Camera Club
Minutes of 2022 AGM held at 07:30pm on Tuesday 19th at Greyfriars Parish Church Lanark
Apologies were received from Anne and Rosemary.
Minutes of previous AGM
Minutes of the 2021 AGM were approved.
There were no matters arising from previous AGM
President’s report
It had been a funny old year. We recovered from lockdown and meetings were resumed on Tuesday nights except for some nights in January 2022.
Bob thanked all the members and committee for the continued support in keeping the club going and thanked Rosemary and Anne for much needed coffees and teas.
In competitions it was much the same. Carluke are so strong in competition that we cannot compete with them, but we managed to hold our own with some other clubs.
We will not be hosting any competitions next session as we have withdrawn from the GDPU league which was becoming a bit of a bind with difficulties in finding judges. We need to think about what we will do moving forward.
Treasurer’s Report
Mike advised on the accounts.
We had an overall loss of £18.00. Our biggest outlay is for the hall which was over £600. It was recommended that the annual and weekly subscriptions remain the same for the following year.

Election of Office bearers
The following office bearers were elected for the next session.
President and Secretary Bob Arnott
Vice President Scott Campbell
Treasurer Mike Kelly
Webmaster Willie Gray
Members Robert Wilson, Anne Stubbs

Competition Rules
Competition rules will continue as they are.
Depending on entries we could possibly ask judges for a best landscape image.
It was suggested that we do not do enough image improvement and that we could have an image improvement night.
Other suggestions were that types of lenses used could be considered as part of image improvement evenings. Other suggestions were how to use cameras, tripods filters etc.

The club thanked Bob for all the work that he puts in as president secretary and competition secretary. It is due to his ongoing hard work that the club continues to exist.